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Today we have Fate Works in Mysterious Ways by CKOJLF. This... well, I have no words. Just read it for yourself.

Summery: A lone wolf learns of her gift and learns that she needs stability in her life as it grows.


Jana was in her lab as she found out that Maj. Sheppard’s team was stuck in the gate and he was injured.

One of her lab techs walked into her lab and replied, “Colonel, they need your help.”

“The puddle jumper is stuck in the gate and there’s a huge ass bug attached to Maj. Sheppard’s neck.”


She stood up, worked out the kinks in her neck and back before pulling her hair back into a battle braid and left her lab.


she made her way towards the command area and leaned against the wall as a wave of pain overcame her and she muttered, “Not the water, that will agitate the bug... It’s hydrophobic.”


Everyone looked up as she walked in.

“You heard the news?”

“The puddle jumper is stuck in the gate, Maj. Sheppard has a huge ass bug attached to his neck. Nothing has worked so far, you’re planning on using water to see if the bug reacts.” she replied as she looked right at Dr. Carson Beckett.

“Yes. Wait how do you know?”

“I do know and I fight with myself if all or some of you should be made aware of my abilities.”

“What ones?”

“I don’t know. I just sense things at the moment and know things before they happen.” She replied softly.

“You mean like telepathy and telekinesis and those type of abilities?” Beckett replied as he looked over at her.

She nodded. “Yeah and I think others as well.”

Weir looks at her. “Should I be worried that your gift may grow stronger?”

“Yes you should. I know of them, they are right below the surface and starting to be made known. As time passes I think they’ll continue to grow...” the rest of what she was going to say trailed off as she searched for the source of the pain.


Weir pulled up Jana’s file and replied, “A lot of her file is blacked out and classified.”

“All I want is her medical file.”

“Okay.” and she pulled up her medical file.

“Incredible.” He murmured softly.


He pulled up two scans. “These are two scans, one of someone without the Psi gifts she mentioned and her brain scan.”

“Wow! Looks like the area controlled by what would be Psi abilities is very active. She was right.”

“Yeah she was. Looks like in time they may grow as well.”


Stop fighting the pain. John, relax and let your team help you. I can’t help you but you will get better and tell Teyla that you love her. She’s worried about you. She pathed as she felt Maj. Sheppard relax.


“I need to run some tests later on.” Beckett replied as he looked at Jana.

“I’ll let you run them later on. But for now we’re running short on time. The gate can only be open for so long... 38 minutes, but then Dr. McKay has already informed you of the that.” Jana stated.

“I’ll get my team ready.”

“Better prepare for a code blue, you’re gonna have to restart the major’s heart. I think that will be the only way to kill the bug.”

“Code Blue?” Weir asked unsure of the meaning.

“Total recusation, restarting the heart, helping him breath, CPR etc.” Jana supplied.

“How do you know?”

“I know a lot of medical terminology and some of the diagnostics. Was a doctor first. I have a major in the medical fields more then what is required for field training in the military.”

“So do I say Doctor or Colonel?”

“Either is fine or you can just say Jana as well.”


Weir looked at the pair as they had done a tiny bit of flirting. “We need to concentrate on the problem here and not on you two flirting.”

“We’re not flirting.” Jana replied.

“Are we?” Beckett asked.

“Both of you may not be aware of it. However there must be something between you two.”

“We’re co-workers and anything beyond that. We don’t know yet. If something develops then we’ll see.” Beckett replied.

Jana gazed at him and replied softly, “Something will. Good or bad I can’t say... Not yet at least.”


“I can help. This will be the first time that I’m going to try and access my gifts.” Jana replied.

“Then you’ll need me close.”

“Yes.” Jana admitted softly as the pair made their way to the jumper bay.

“Good luck.” he replied as his lips touched hers in a gentle kiss.

“You too.”

“Do you want to get dinner later?” He asked as he finally had the courage to ask her to have dinner with him.

“Ask me again later. I want to but I do need to think if this thing between us is mutual or not.”


Jana leaned against the wall as she was bombed by the uneasy emotions of Maj. Sheppard’s team. “Damn not again! Twice in one day.”

“Colonel, are you okay?”

“Yeah just bombed with all those emotion again. It will pass.”

“Doc, what the hell is she talking about?”

“Have you heard of ESP?”


“The colonel has that plus other gifts that may make themselves known.”

“Guys the pod is here.” Jana replied softly as she managed to pull up a block in her mind.


“He’ll live. Doc, call the med team away. I want to try something.” Jana ordered firmly but gently letting him know that she knew what she was doing.

“What are you planning?” Carson asked as he looked at the woman that he was starting to fall in love with.

“Carson, do you trust me?” Jana questioned as she gazed at him.

“With my life. You’ve accessed more of your abilities then.”


Jana cleared her mind as she centered her breathing and laid her hands over the major’s heart and concentrated on restarting his heart and healing his injury to his neck.

“What the hell?” Weir asked as she walked into the jumper bay.

“She’s healing him.”


Sheppard looked up at Jana, “You saved me. I heard you in my mind telling me to relax and let my team help me.”

Jana nodded, “Just rest major, you need it.”

Beckett looked at Jana as she told Sheppard to rest. “You should do the same. Jana, you’re looking kind of tired.”

“Yeah you’re right. I’m...“and the rest of what she was going to say trailed off as she felt like she was going to faint and quickly sat down on the floor.


Teyla looked over at the pair and replied, “Colonel, Doctor, thank you for all that you’ve done.”

“You’re welcome kiddo.” Jana replied and at Teyla’s confused expression continued, “It’s another human expression. There’s a lot of them as I’m sure John has told you.”

“Yes he has. I worry about him when that bug was attached to his neck.. I wanted nothing more then to comfort him.” She stated as she walked with Jana and the doc to the infirmary.


“Let me put this in words I know you’ll love.. Shut up and kiss me already lover boy.” Jana replied as she flirted with him and teased him a little more then what she was earlier.

“You’ll keep your word.” He murmured as he gently nuzzled her nose

“To sleep some after we make out for a while yeah I will.” She whispered back as she pulled him down on the bed beside her and kissed him.

He deepened their kiss as his arms snaked around her back.

The couple continued to make out for a short while and by the time they had broke off their kiss they were both panting heavily.


“Doc.” one of the lab techs replied as he walked over to where the sleeping pair was.

He opened an eye and looked at the tech, ”Yeah.”

“The results sir.. They’re ready.”

“Thank you.”

“By your leave doc then.” the tech replied as he left.

Carson looked at Jana as she slept and managed to get up without waking her and gently kissed her on the side of her neck and then on her forehead, “Love you girl.”

She murmured in her sleep, “Love you back Carson... you better get some work done.”

He nodded and let go of her hands and walked into his lab area to read over the tests.
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'“Do you want to get dinner later?” He asked as he finally had the courage to ask her to have dinner with him."

He can kiss her with no problem and yet asking her to dinner makes his nervous?