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Today we have the final installment of McKay and the Stuffed Bear Caper by Erikstrulove. I don't think I'll ever be the same.

The creature shrouded in mysterious darkness narrowed his seeing organs and scowled. Yes, it seemed he was no longer alone...


Rodney's stomach suddenly felt as though it'd dropped right out onto the floor, in fact he looked down just to make sure. Thats when he noticed that the hair on his arms were standing straight out.

Odd that.


he confused little Tel'Nash backed away from the sound and promptly tripped on its middle set of legs. "Meep?"

"Shokooowah! Neeeeeepeweka!" The creature advanced upon the Tel'Nash. Just as he poised himself over the frightened Tel'Nash...

The lights flickered on!

The three stepped out of the transporter, and stared. Sheppard was the first to react, "Huh?" was his intelligent exclamation.


For there, in front of their eyes, was Pooky leaning over the frightened Tel"nash!


The creature we now know as 'Pooky' turned his little fluffy head in a rather creepy manner towards the human invaders. "Keweeeepakawa!" Pooky uttered aloud, his beedy glass eyes utterly emotionless.

"McKay, did your teddy bear just turn its head and yell at us?" Sheppard asked slowly, his eyes never straying from the bear. Visions of Pooky clinging to his head floated within his mind.


"You know McKay, this thing doesn't have any hands. I think we can take it."

There was a pause, apparently Rodney had neglected his headset.

"Just, creep up slowly."

Another pause. Weir wondered what he was saying.

"What the heck was that!"

Another pause

"It's naked and it has no hands, McKay, there's no way that was a bullet."

"Eww, it was it's eye."


"Well don't give it to me," Rodney backed away from the teddy bear tightly grasped in Sheppards hands.

"What the heck is comming out of it?" Sheppard dropped it on the floor and pulled his gun.

"It looks like a...brain, I think."

The creature that looks like a brain oozed onto the cold floor and opened its four eyes on the top of its short body. Mmmm...?

"Uh, hey there." Offered John.

He speakeths not well, methinketh. Ignorith him shall I. (The creature thought.)


Alas! A different sanctum thy race must find, such good echoes in darkethness I must abondon...eth. Farewell, echoee place!

And there, before their eyes, the thing that looks like a brain vanished.

The Tel'Nash came out from behind a pillar where it had been hiding and scrambled over McKays feet, gazed upwards, and said, "Meep!" Before collapsing into a heavy sleep.
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"The creature shrouded in mysterious darkness narrowed his seeing organs and scowled. Yes, it seemed he was no longer alone..."

And soon his organs would be narrow enough that he would have that 5 inch waist he always dreamed of...