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Today we have a fic called color. Not near as bad as some, but it just makes me laugh, anyway.

"I've always thought myself as a yellow individual." Rodney said with his usual perky egotistical enthusiasm.


"Yellow because it's bright. I'm like a highlighted word. My meaning is of greater value then most common words."


Then she came in.

"Hello." She greeted the leaders of her team brightly before choosing a seat next to the military commanding officer. "I just thought I'd step in for a moment to see how you're doing."


"The rare and elusive Elizabeth Weir is infrequently viewed far from its natural habitat. Only occasionally will it venture from its comfort zone to seek sparse yet essential companionship of which she feeds from."

Rodney sniggered at John's narration. Ronon came quite close to a similar sound. Only Teyla held her peace though a small smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

"Mmhmm. Yes, well, everyone needs sustenance." She said reaching for a common popcorn bowl as her word choice sent shivers down the other's spines. "So what were you so adamantly discussing?"

"Well apparently Rodney's a dandelion. Teyla here's a tree, and I'm a fire." Ronon said nonchalantly.


John missed the responses the other three gave her. He was too busy watching her. He smiled as her eyes lit up as she began to chuckle. He noticed how the smallest chuckle caused her chest to move as if it were a wholehearted laugh. With some humility he also noticed how when she reached for the popcorn the back of her cranberry shirt came up slightly revealing porcelain skin beneath. He swallowed.


"I haven't heard your favorite one yet."

"Favorite what?" He nearly squeaked his ears burning slightly.


"Red." Sheppard said in a gruff voice.

"Red?" She inquired with a quirked brow.

"Blood?" Ronon offered, as he hadn't elaborated.

"A forewarning dawn?" Teyla guessed.

"Action?" Rodney added through a stuffed mouth.

Sheppard didn't respond.

"Passion?" Elizabeth ventured picking up another popcorn piece, letting her tongue barely exit her mouth to take in the snack. With her free hand she was careful to pull down the fabric that had ridden up as she had reached for it down.

"Definitely red." Sheppard choked.
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