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And the mind-boggling saga of McKay and the Stuffed Bear Caper by Erikstrulove continues.

McKay jumped back, well, as far as he could…’till his butt hit the wall. “Evil begone! Go!” McKay made furious shooing gestures. McKay’s eyes widened and his nose constricted in distaste, “What is that? Oh that is gross.”


It was then that Rodney perceived a distinct, breeze. His eyes widened and took on a panicked expression. With the whole jumping out of bed and waving arms thing his robe -which really hadn’t covered much anyways- had caught on the side of the metal frame of the mattress.

It was then, at this startling realization, that five things happened:

All was silent, save the gentle whir of the ventilator.

First: Dr. Weir remembered staring wasn’t polite and quickly turned away.

Second: -And, to Rodney’s relief- he realized Elizabeth didn’t have a complete view; she was only to the side…sort of… diagonally… He snapped himself out of his troubled thoughts and hurriedly pulled his gown down, grabbed the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around his waist.

Third: The Tel’Nesh ran to Rodney’s partially exposed feet, widened its eyes to still creepier proportions, meeped, and collapsed over his feet.

Fourth: Someone in the hall screamed, and there was the distinct sound of military grade combat boots scrambling against something slippery.

And fifth: The creature in the bowels of the city stopped snorting in disgust, and put on an oxygen mask.



Rodney blinked, and, shuffling the malicious creature from off his personage he half-stumbled out the door past Weir. His panicked expression turned into a shocked expression.

John picked up his discarded jacket and held it in front of the horrified scientist. “Recognize this? This used to be my really cool jacket!”

“Don’t look at me! It was that devil lizard!”

“Oh, I’m looking…” John shook the soiled coat at McKay. “I’m looking! And do you know what I see?”

Rodney pursed his lips.

“Feces oozing from the vents?” Came the overcome voice of Dr. Weir.


Deep in the underbelly of Atlantis, the creature delicately removed his oxygen mask,

And sputtered…


Ford walked up and slapped McKay on the back, “Hey I heard what happened McKay, tou- Oh man you stink! “

“Why thank you Ford I hadn’t noticed that. I would have gone straight for the shower except I needed a snack after all that work I just did thank you very much…the Tel’Nash ate everything in my quarters.”

Ford pulled his shirt up to his nose, “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, I think I’ll go catch up with Ford.” Sheppard turned on his heel on ran to catch up.


Deep in the bowels of the city, the figure we have come know that’s shrouded in darkness, deemed it safe to remove its oxygen mask. Maniacal laughter uttered forth…and then stopped! What was this? A stranger?
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