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Today we have more of McKay and the Stuffed Bear Caper by Erikstrulove. It's like watching a train wreak. You can't look away.

McKay had long ago slipped out of his small room and headed for the lab. Finding it impossible, however, to get any work done on the stupid artifact he was supposed to be working on. Visions of Pooky flooded his mind so very often, during these tragic hours. And that Tel'Nash...thing, small stomach, how convenient.


Sheppard walked in as the speaker emitted another chorus of strange syllables: Floof tlooooo... A thoughtful expression crossed Sheppard's face, "I knew it! There are Ewoks on Atlantis."


McKay was abruptly interrupted from his thought's of Pooky when Sheppard's voice came over the intercom informing him the, "-Thing is awake and its making weird annoying sounds, go take care of it because I can't concentrate on any of my important work." McKay grumbled incoherently and strode out of his lab.


Sheppard was about to interrupt when a voice came over the intercom: Ploooof, foooo.... WOOOH!

"Aw that is just great! Let go of that switch right now! Don't make me..." There were a few sounds of a struggle, the Tel'Nash obviously was not going to give up the shiny switch without a fight.

"Meeeeeeeep! WOOooh!"

"Oh, thank you So Much for slobbering all over the intercom!"

Taking advantage of a good distraction Sheppard leaned over the intercom, "Problem, McKay?"

"Ugh, not unless you count extremely sticky impossible-to-wipe off, alien spit. Oh ho, don't give me that innocent look- wha- my hand! My hand, I think I'm losing feeling in my hand! Its, its spreading! I can't feel..." Rodney's voice faded to a whisper, "My chest...can't, feel..." There was an audible, thump, over the intercom in the control room.


And again, deep in the bowels of the city, a sinister laughter echoed...


Beckett cut the blue uniform shirt open and cleaned the blood away. The cut didn’t look too deep; -it ran from his shoulder down to his last rib in a slightly curved line. Beckett figured his chest would need a few stitches but that was all. Although it would seem he would have to see to it that all sharp nightstand corners were sanded down, although what sort of machine could cut through the strange material he didn’t not know.


sgasporfle_mod: Yes, this is a big 'clip', but the sheer WTF of it all made it imposable to cut.

“So, McKay, what’cha doing?” Major Sheppard seated himself on the edge of Rodney’s bed and was in the process of spilling granola crumbs on the bed sheets.

“Gee, major, what does it look like I’m doing? And can’t you find a drop cloth or a tarp or something to eat that on?”

John paused in the midst of chewing his half dissolved granola bite, shrugged, and proceeded to ignore the scientist‘s request. “Someone’s in a mood.”

“Have you any idea at all how annoying it would be for me if those crumbs were to end up under my sheets? Touching my feet?”

“Fine,” John said with his mouth still full of the crunchy oats, “I’ll just take my good company elsewhere.” He swallowed.

“Yes. Shoo.” Rodney made a shooing gesture and when John stood up, he flicked the sheets causing the crumbs of the offensive granola bar to fly up.

“My eye! You just flung a huge piece of chocolate chip into my eye!” John shouted. He covered his right eye and glaring, shook the contents of his granola wrapper onto Rodney’s bed.


“Just what is going on in here?” Demanded Weir, her hands on her hips. “Well, I see you’re feeling better.” She turned to John, “Now what was all that shouting about?”

“Evil scientist McKay,” He cast Rodney a squinty glare, “Just flicked crumbs in my eye.”

“So you retaliated like a little baby?” She waved her hand exasperatedly. “Where’s the doctor?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well go figure it out.”


“Tlooooooophy?” The sound emanated from above. And with a clattering of duct grating down came the twittering Tel’Nash…and a very odd smell.


In the dank bowels of the city, the shadowy figure stopped in its revelry, and snorted in disgust. Its laughter transforming into gasping coughs.
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