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Today's fic is called A Day to Remember and comes to us from an author called Horsebug. It's certainly a fic to remember.

“Are you sure we have explored all the planets you know of,” asked Weir.

“Yes, I am sure,” answered Tey’la.

“Does that mean we get a break,” Sheppard inputted.

“No, that means we get to explore a random planet,” said Weir.

“Oh, goodie,” Sheppard murmured.


As Weir left the room Sheppard loudly said, “Are breaks ever an option?”

“Excuse me Sheppard,” said Weir.

Not realizing he had said that out loud he quickly answered, “That was Ford not me. Ford, you really need to be a little nicer and watch what you say.” Sheppard giggled inside himself as he got up and headed for the exit. Sheppard noticed everyone staring at him, “What? Can’t anyone handle a little humor?” After he said that he quickened his step.


He quickly came upon his room which wasn’t exactly decorated as he would wish. On one wall there were a couple pictures of who knows what. The second wall consisted of his lumpy bed and nightstand. The third wall was all taken up by a dresser and the last wall had his computer desk with many piles of papers on it.


Sheppard came to find himself in a huge room full of men with strange symbols on their heads holding things that looked like a Goa’uld weapon. If I’m not mistaken, he thought, we just found Goa’uld in the Pegasus Galaxy.

“Drop your weapons!”

Suddenly Sheppard saw a blue...He blanked out.


“Ah,” said Sheppard walking away from the day, “must be having a bad day. What do you think guys?” There was no answer from the Jaffa as Sheppard would have expected. “The Jaffa is just as bad as Weir.”


He could tell that Apophis was not a man to mess with. He had short black hair and his face had a hard look to it. Sheppard could see no emotion on it. Apophis was wearing a long red dress that was meant for a man to wear. Along the entire dress worked in gold was a fine design that twisted and swirled much like the gate to their cell.


Apophis nodded has head. Obviously pleased that he got some of the truth. “Now why are you here?”

“I can not tell you. You have to have top secret clearance, like Bra’tac”

Apophis looked at Bra’tac and signaled him to come.


Yawn. I wonder how long it has been since I slept. Ok so maybe it had only been four hours but it felt like three days. I wonder when Bra'tac will get back so we can ditch this place. All Sheppard could think of was, I wonder.


Yawn. What to do. There certainly wasn't anything to do. Well, except maybe read the wells, but good luck. Who knows Goa'uld writing? Not this guy. Yawn. Sheppard took his concentration from the gate to Dr. McKay, figure. That crazy Dr. McKay thinks he can learn to read it! He certainly didn't have enough time to learn it from Dr. Jackson.


"Look at this symbol resembling a coiled snake," said McKay in whisper.

"Do you mind if I ask, but why are we whispering?"

"That's because of what this represents."

"Oh," there was a pause, "Well what is it?"


"A sir took a look."
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