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Today we have two fics from an author who calls herself Cutting Out My Heart.

It Rained Today

“I wonder if they ever ate paupu fruit in another life,” said Kate.

“There is no such thing as paupu fruit, for the last time DOCTOR Heightmier,” said Rodney.

“What’s a paupu fruit,” asked an intrigued Peter.

“Well there’s a myth that tells of two people who found love but at a very old age, and as they were dying together, they ate the paupu fruit and their souls were entwined together forever, and so they say that if you eat a paupu fruit you will always be with the person you love, even in future lives,” said Kate.

“Whatever,” said Rodney.


“Well, now that we’re thoroughly soaked from standing in the rain for twenty minutes, I say we go get some turkey sandwiches,” said John.

“Sounds good, I love turkey sandwiches,” said Elizabeth.


Little did they know they had another little spy watching them. One that went by the name of Smarmy Bastard Scientist, Kavanaugh for short.


Ten minutes later they were settled on the couch. John was sitting sideways on the couch with Elizabeth leaning on him and Peter was sitting in the armchair with Riley on his lap.

Elizabeth started the movie. Which was a surprise to everyone else, as she wouldn’t tell them what she picked.

A few seconds later The Nightmare Before Christmas started.

Two hours later they were all fast asleep.


“Liz, these past few months with you have been great, and I just wanted to tell you that…well…I…” started John.

Suddenly a shot rocked the jumper and John was thrown into the control panel.

He fell to the floor unconscious.

A blinding white light engulfed the jumper and a girl with jet-black hair and green eyes appeared next to him.

“I have to do everything myself,” she mumbled as she piloted the jumper into the hive ship.

The control room cheered as the ship exploded.

Then they remembered just how that hive ship was destroyed.


Elizabeth slid down the railing until she was sitting on the floor. She buried her face in her arms and cried.

I loved him…and I never got to tell him…I never got to hear what he was saying.

Suddenly a white light engulfed the balcony.

A few feet away from Elizabeth laid an unconscious John Shepard and next to him stood the black haired girl.

She smiled at Elizabeth and waved before disappearing to suffer her punishment by the others.

“Jetseta…” whispered Elizabeth.


“Liz…what I was going to say on the jumper was that I…” started John again.

“Bloody hell, how did he get here,” said Carson in sheer amazement.

“An ancient girl brought me here,” said John before falling back into unconsciousness.


“The ancient that saved John…her name was Jetseta,” said Elizabeth

“You know her,” asked Kate.

“She was my sister,” said Elizabeth.

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